With months of great running weather ahead and terrific long races to train for, being smart about your training and recovery is paramount.  Talking with professionals in the industry, here are some simple suggestions and tips to help you along the way:

1.       GPS watch:  Great way to help pace yourself and maintain a consistent run. Many runners start fast and end slow. Studies show that pacing yourself consistent though a long run will shave off many seconds or minutes from your overall run.  And they are great for race day, as many runners get caught up in the adrenaline of the 1st mile and set themselves up for failure by the end.

2.     Gels, etc:  The body needs to stay fueled and hydrated throughout the run – especially as you start running 1 hour plus.  There are a variety of gels, bloks, beans and other supplements which are easy to digest during a run, which provide the proper carbs and hydration needed to keep you strong and healthy.

3.     Compression Socks:  These socks help with blood flow, thus streamlining the recovery process and performance of your muscles.  There is a brand called 110% which even offers pockets to place ice packs in for your post run.

4.      Shoes:  While good running shoes may sound obvious – be sure you listen to your running store expert.  One of the top issues with purchasing sneakers is the size of the sneaker. Running shoes should be a size larger than a pair or dress shoes or even tennis shoes.  As you increase mileage, your feet will continue to swell – therefore you need room in the shoe for miles 5, 6 and 10. Result – if your feet swell, you may experience numbness, cramping, and black toe nails.

Information like this and professional wisdom is not hard to find – and there is much more available.  We have worked well with local running stores such as Running Co of South Jersey and Philadelphia Runner.  At times it may appear convenient to make your running purchases on-line, but you will be missing the professional advice available from the experienced running staff at these stores – including the latest trends!!!