Why is summer running so good?

I love the summer run for many reasons, here are my 5 favorite…
1. Longer Days – Running in the dark has never been fun for me – the unexpected pot hole or low tree branch can really hurt, and being seen (or not) by motorist always concerns me.
2. Sweat – Who doesn’t love a good sweat? (enough said)
3. Dress Less – Less is best when it comes to dress. Not a big fan of layering and the occasional shirtless run is great for Vitamin D. (Ladies… sports bra)
4. Course Options – Trails and beach running create great alternatives to the sometimes monotonous road run (and always monotonous treadmill).
5. Conditioning – Running in the heat conditions you for the fall month race season. Your body will be ready to tackle the long runs with great speed once the weather dips back into the 40s!

Presented by Ken Culbertson of Good Day for a Run, LLC