Social Distancing Guidelines

In an effort to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 Virus while complying with local and state requirements and CDC recommendations, Good Day for a Run races that are permitted to take place will be enforcing the following guidelines and practices until further notice.  We feel fortunate to be able to host races again, but we must all be responsible and do our part to ensure a healthy running and post race environment. Please read and comply! Thank You!

Please Note: Further Guidelines may apply at a specific race due to venue requirements. We must abide by their rules and procedures. Such information will be made available on the appropriate event page. 

Covid – 19 Requirements: Please wear a mask pre and post race at all times when walking around the race venue. You do not need to wear a mask during the race and while sitting at your post race location. Please respect people’s space and maintain a distance of 6 feet or more to those you do not know.  

  • If you have an elevated temperature or flu like symptoms… STAY HOME. (You may choose to run the Virtual Option).
  • Participant numbers will be reduced to meet the capacity limits for gatherings at each specific venue. (these numbers are subject to change)
  • Immediate family members (i.e. spouse, child, significant other) may accompany a runner as a guest, but large gatherings of non-registered runners are not permitted due to space limitations. 
  • Face masks must be worn on the Vineyard/Brewery/Municipal property at all times unless running/walking in the race, sitting at your designated space,* or in your car. 
  • Unless tables are assigned by staffing, Guest Tables may not be used in any capacity prior to the race. These tables are to be used after race only. 1st come 1st serve. Once a table is selected, it is your table for the remainder of the event. many venues offer open fields for you to bring your own chairs, etc. In this case you must keep groups to 8 or less, and maintain 8 feet between the next group.  
  • Checking In/pre race:
    • If you are checking in for more than one person – only 1 person should check-in for the couple/group.
    • After checking in, we recommend hanging out in your car until approx. 15 minutes prior to race start. You may also stay in the designated gathering area practicing proper social distancing requirements.
    • There will be NO Bag Check until further notice.
    • GDFAR will provide you with a ‘disposable face mask” to be worn at the starting line. This mask may be discarded as you cross the start. 
    • 10-12 minutes prior to race, head to the designated pre-race gathering area for race announcements.
    • Unless you are assigned a table, please do not use any customer tables before race and NO reserving tables until after you finish the race. Wineries/Breweries/Restaurants have strict guidelines for table use and we must obey this requirement.
  • Staggered Starts – GDFAR will review the staggered Start procedures prior to race day. Corrals will be established so that we minimize the number of people starting at the same time and helps maintain proper social distancing during the race. 
  • Face Masks at Starting Line – Participants should wear the disposable face mask during announcements and at the start of the race. They may dispose in our drop can when crossing the starting line. Your personal face mask should be used once you return to the start/Finish line area as soon as possible.  
  • GDFAR will designate a pre race gathering area for all events for pre race announcements and coral staging. Please arrive at this location no later than 10 minutes prior to start of race.
  • Post race tables and predetermined spaces will be available with 6 foot of clearance between.  These tables and spaces should not be moved. No space should consist of more than 8 people. Everyone should remain seated when possible.
  • You are not permitted to mingle with other tables, as you are required to stay seated unless purchasing wine, food, using a restroom, or leaving the premises. Once a space is claimed, this should remain your spot until you are ready to leave. Sites will need to be sanitized before a new group can occupy. 
  • Water on the course and at Finish Line: GDFAR volunteer will wear gloves and will supply bottled water for participants at beginning and after the race. However, it is recommended that participants bring their own bottle. Some races may not include a water stop, so please plan to carry your water during race and carry out.
  • GDFAR events are chip timed. We will implement a staggered start system keeping the participants more separated.  Depending on the size of the race and the start line, runners will be staggered in groups of approximately 25-50 people.
  • ALL AWARDS, including Overall, will be based on Chip Time until further notice. In the past, we based overall awards on Gun Time. 
  • Post race lawn games/activities will not be available until further notice. (i.e. Corn Hole, Frisbee, etc.)
  • Please keep gatherings to a minimum. Be courteous to other people’s personal space.
  • If you do not wish to comply with the above rules, or you feel uncomfortable participating due to Covid 19,  please choose the Virtual Run Option. You may contact to learn more about this option.