Amalthea Cellars – About

Amalthea Cellars is a little piece of France nestled in the Countryside of the outer Coastal Plain in Atco, NJ. This winery will take you back in time to when wine was a work of art. The owner/winemaker of Amalthea Cellars has been making wine for the last 30 years and has also been a consultant to Chateau Margaux as well as other Grand Cru Chateaus. Recently, the New York Times, NPR, and the Time (of London) have all visited the winery and were astonished by the unique wines. These wines have beaten the best of Bordeaux and the most prestigious in Napa in “blind tastings”, judged by world-renowned wine writer George Taber. That “little piece of Europe” is closer than you think, so come visit Amalthea Cellars and be transported.